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Growing up I worked at apartment complexes my father managed. I did make ready jobs after school on Saturdays and during the summer from the time I was twelve. I started working full time in construction in 1972 as carpenter helper. Developing skills to start my first business as a general contractor in 1979. I exceed in the construction field by mastering skills in framing, layout, trim work, roofing, finishing, foundation concrete finishing, brick laying, punch-out, plumbing, electrical, tile work… If it had to do with construction, I excelled at it. Construction just fit me, and I loved it! If it had to do with building, I had to learn more.


I spend my free time with my family or in research. I like finding the truth or facts about things. Though I have a lot of theories, I just can’t settle on theory. Early I learned I’m good at analyzing and finding solutions to problems. Also finding ways to make thing work when others fail to do so, or they just give up too soon.


  • 44 years in building and construction
  • 12 years construction labor.
  • 20 years builder General Contractor.
  • 12 years Director of plant operation.


 Sociology,  Professional Development,  Architecture Design, Plant Engineering. Continuing self-educated through books, workshops, computer programs, internet classes, correspondence etc…  

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